paradox of the cross

at the cross…
the best of God met the worst of man,
pure love triumphed over vile hatred,
unimaginable joy healed broken dreams and sorrow,
perfect peace soothed the violence in the hearts of men,
long-suffering patience endured the self-seeking of instant gratification,
kindness confronted cruelty,
goodness met evil,
the faithfulness of God proved stronger than the treason of unfaithful men,
self-control prevailed in the face of unrestraint,
unmerited forgiveness washed away sin,
and the poor in spirit found the riches in glory in Christ Jesus.


wooden. rugged. painful. splinters. rough. jagged. sharp.
heavy. gnarled. uneven. weather-beaten. sweaty. bloody.
… the cross

betrayal. agony. suffering. condemned. stripped. whipped. flogged. beaten. wounded. bruised. stripes. lashes. bound.
robe. scarlet. thorns. crown. reeds. scepter. grief.
crowds. pushing. shoving. shouting. laughter. threats. jeers. insults. sarcasm. cynicism. irreverence.
despised. rejected. mocked. passion. weeping. mourning. tears. sorrow.
sweat. blood. dusty. loud. steep. long. lonely. struggle. tired. fatigue. simon. hard. cobblestones.
… the way of the cross

blood flowing. hands & feet pierced.
sweat dripping. eyes stinging.
head pounding. face swollen. muscles aching.
tears falling.
heart breaking.
… Jesus’ body

golgotha. drastic. costly. thorns. nails. wounds. pain. thirst. lifted up. suspended. calvary.
separated. forsaken. alone. “eloi, eloi, lema sabachtani!“
“Father, forgive them they don’t know what they’re doing.“
darkness. earthquake. death.
ransom. final. end. finished. completion.
salvation. grace. love. forgiveness. redemption.
paid in full.
“truly this was the son of God!“
… crucifixion

risen! alive! glory! triumphant! overcoming! victorious! glorious!
power! splendor! majesty!
… resurrection!

shadow of the cross

as i walk i see a shadow — a shadow of a cross;
for calvary still casts a shadow for those would suffer loss.
near the cross is no place for a name —
not prestige or gain; not power or fame.
the cross is the beginning of freedom; the end of strife.
it is the death of self; the beginning of life.
an old rugged cross many have carried —
they were scorned and mocked; some crucified and buried.
but only one sinless lamb gave his life in pure love;
his name is Jesus, God’s gift from above.
so, it is in the shadow of his cross that i seek to abide;
to be shaped and formed, not just carry wood by my side.
it is his message of love that is seen in the cross.
and that is why i desire to live in the “shadow of the cross.“

real love

real love is …
turning the other cheek …
walking another mile …
giving even though it hurts …
giving when no one is watching …
forgiving again and again … and again … and again …
praying for those who persecute you …
blessing those who curse you …
loving your enemies …
doing what jesus would do …
dying while we were sinners!

God’s love

we can’t do anything to make God love us more.
we can’t do anything to make God love us less.
God’s love is …
unearned, undeserved, unfailing, unlimited,
unending, unwavering, unfaltering, undeniable
unconditional, deep, wide, long, high
God’s love is not …
unavailable, until, unless, unattainable
uncertain, unsure, unsightly, unfavourable
God’s nature.
God’s character.
“God is love!“


all about me people are rushing — trying to get somewhere…
but really, they’re headed for “who knows where?“
they consume themselves with worries and gaining treasures of this earth,
but so many have never understood God’s second birth.
Lord, here am I; send me … I’ll go!
Lord, send me that just one may know!
I’ve looked in their eyes — there is no sacrifice too great!!
let us reach them with your gospel before it’s too late.