ways you can pray for us!

  1. That we would always have an ear to hear God’s voice, a heart soft enough to receive what He speaks, and the grace to do His will!
  2. That we would not be influenced by anything, but that we will be completely led by the Holy Spirit. Always moved by the voice of God and not by other things that may sound good, but may not be God’s best!
  3. That God and His angels would watch over, lead, bless, protect, and care for our family.
  4. That God would give us wisdom, love, mercy and blessings and the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  5. That we would lift up Jesus and the cross in a way that is simple, pure, and clear to everyone.
  6. That Jesus would save the lost, heal the sick, comfort the broken and set free the captives through our witness, for the glory of God!
  7. That we would have opportunities to preach along the roadsides – in villages to cities, from tribes to government leaders, and that God would even give us opportunities to preach to the nations through the news media.
  8. That God would help us build up local churches, and train national leadership, and that we might help start churches where there are none.
  9. That God would help us get the proper visas for all necessary border crossings.
  10. That God would help us get the cross on and off all airplanes with us – that the cross would not get broken or stolen or lost.
  11. That God would help us get the cross past customs and then we would be able to carry the cross once we are in the country.
  12. That God would give us favor with governments, gunmen, soldiers, police, customs, and immigration.
  13. That God would give us sufficient food and drink.
  14. That God would help us find a warm, safe, dry place to sleep, eat, and bathe in each country.
  15. That God would help us meet the right interpreters, pastors, and other believers.
  16. That God would protect us from evil, violence, accidents, and war.
  17. That God would keep us healthy and free from all disease; also, that He would protect our necessary belongings.
  18. That we could financially help the poor and hungry, as well as needy churches and ministers.
  19. That God would give us the grace, strength, and endurance to carry the cross.
  20. That God would help us find transportation in every country – a vehicle that would be able to carry the gospel material and aid. (Driver and interpreter as needed).
  21. That God would provide for all our financial needs.

May God be glorified in everything we do, say and everywhere we go!!