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USA - Oklahoma

Dear Internet Family and Friends,

What a beautiful and glorious life to simply follow Jesus!! In July, with God’s help, I carried the cross across the state of Oklahoma. It was absolutely awesome! And hot!! For most of the walk there was a constant stream of people wanting to talk or pray.

One day it was over 105 F and no one had stopped for three hours. My mouth was so dry my lips were sticking to my teeth! My shirt was so wet from perspiration that it looked like I had been swimming. Finally, a car stopped and offered me a cold drink. Then, another. And another with food! People kept stopping for the next hour with food and drinks until I had to tie the food and drinks to my cross. I was thinking about leaving some on the side of the road. As I topped a little hill I saw a road crew about to take their lunch break! That day lunch was compliments of God! God used the kindness of those along the road to feed fourteen men and me (they took home leftovers!)! As I ate with them, I was able to share and pray with them.

Because so many people stopped to talk, it took 5½ hours to walk through one small town. One lady said she was driving down the road and was thinking about killing herself. She said she had just asked God for a sign that He loved her when she saw the cross! Another man turned his eighteen-wheeler around so that we could talk. After praying to commit his life to follow Jesus, he said that he had been searching for God all his life! Hallelujah! What a privilege to love Jesus and to follow Him! Even here in Oklahoma!

God Bless You!!
Philippians 3:10