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From the South Atlantic

Dear Family and Friends,

Praise the Lord! Greetings from the beautiful South Atlantic at the bottom of the world!

By God’s grace, I’ve been carrying the cross through the islands of the South Atlantic for the last week. This is perhaps the most remote and physically difficult cross-carrying trip yet. After a wonderful few days of carrying the cross in and around the capitol city of Argentina, Buenos Aires, I flew to Ushuaia, the southernmost city of the world. There I had the privilege of carrying the cross through this beautiful region called Tiera del Fuego.

The response was unbelievable. In such a cold region of the world, the people’s hearts were incredibly warm. Not only was I able to share with many on the roadsides, but I also had the opportunity to speak through the local media. After setting sail on an exploration vessel, we passed through the Magellan Straits on our way to the Falkland Islands.

There, as I carried the cross with a wonderful welcome. Many hearts were open to the beautiful message of Jesus… and again, the local news asked if they could interview me (The “Penguin News,” of all things!). We’ve been sailing for the last two days, and tomorrow we arrive in the South Sandwich Islands, then South Shetland Islands, and finally Antarctica! It was February in Djibouti, of all places, that I felt God was calling me here–from the hottest spot on earth to the coldest.

I have to say I don’t understand it at all. Maybe God just wants to see how foolish I’ll be in my obedience … how far I’ll follow.

Maybe Jesus meant it when He said go into ALL the earth. Maybe He meant it when He said that His Holy Spirit would make us witnesses to the “uttermost parts of the earth”. Here at the ends of the earth there are individuals that He loves dearly!

Or maybe, just maybe, He still leaves the ninety-nine to find the one. Each one is so precious to His heart!

If you think about us, please pray, for strength and warmth and for a clear witness! By God’s grace, I’ll be home for Christmas. Thanks for being such an important part of taking the cross to the world!

God Bless You!!
Philippians 3:10