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I have found that a pilgrimage is not as much about the destination as it is the process of getting there. Pilgrims know where they are going, but not necessarily what lies ahead of them. I simply want to make your journey a little easier by providing the following links.

travel arrangements

Travel Document Systems (TDS) – They will help you acquire visas and passports. They also provide great travel information about things like necessary vaccinations, travel advisories, etc.

The Travel Doctor

Center for Disease Control

countries & maps


Graphic Maps

Atlapedia – Atlases and Maps

US Government List of Nations and Territories

BBC Country Profiles

Mapquest – Great driving directions!

travel guides & travel information

Lonely Planet

Rough Guides

Let’s Go!

National Geographic

world weather



other helpful information

International Currency Conversion

World Times

travel supplies & equipment


Amazon – Search for “travel supplies,equipment, or accessories”

our journey

Nearly forty years ago, I began a pilgrimage that changed my life. In 1985 I felt that God called me to make a twelve-foot wooden cross and begin carrying it to identify His love along the roadsides of this world. By the mercy and grace of God, I have now had the privilege of walking over 27,000 miles, through more than 185 countries on all seven continents. I have carried the cross into nations at war and nations at peace. I have walked on the islands of the warm South Pacific and the snow and cold of the Arctic and Antarctic. I have been with the cross from the Himalayas and the Andes to the Jordan Valley. I have carried the cross through jungles in Africa and South America, and across the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East.

I have not walked around the world as an adventurer, or world traveler. I am a pilgrim. I am a pilgrim follower of Jesus. I go with Jesus, the cross, and the simple message of God’s love for all people. I carry the cross because I feel that it is God’s will and calling for my life. I want to be very clear in stating that Jesus is my Saviour and Lord. My desire is to simply follow Him, to love Him with all of my heart, and to love all people as God loves them. Jesus called His followers to travel the roads of life as pilgrims. With God’s help, I have sought to follow and live in that same spirit. I invite all pilgrims on the journey of life to join us in following Jesus in a pure and simple way.

If you are on this pilgrimage of life and you don’t know your final destination, I invite you to commit your life to Jesus. God wants you to live with Him forever in Heaven. How ridiculous for even the greatest swimmers in the world to think they could swim across the oceans of the world! It doesn’t matter how good they are, or how hard they try, or how sincere they are. It’s impossible! Just as it is impossible for these swimmers to cross the oceans, it is impossible to reach God by being good enough, trying hard enough, or by being sincere. We are separated from God because of our wrong actions, words, and even thoughts. Just as we need help to cross an ocean, we need even more help to reach God.

God is the ultimate pilgrim. He loves us so much that, even though we were separated from Him because of our sins, He left the beauty and glory of heaven and came to earth. He became a man called Jesus Christ and came to us. He was born to a virgin; a carpenter’s wife in a stable in the Middle East. Though he was God, He became poor. He even lived as a refugee as a child in Egypt. He lived His life helping people and even doing miracles. Most importantly, He lived a perfect, sinless life. Jesus was pure in thought, word, and deed. Jesus was innocent, but because He loves us so much, He chose to receive the punishment that we deserve. We deserved to die for our sins, but He died in our place. He was buried, but because He is God, He rose again three days later. He’s alive today. We can know Him personally. We can have our sins forgiven. We can have the promise of eternal life through a relationship with Him. All He asks is that we turn from our sins and follow Him. He is the ultimate Guide to lead us on this pilgrimage through life. Not only does He know the way through life, He knows the way past death. He said that if we invite Him into our life He will never leave us; He will be with us to the ends of the earth. Not only does He want to guide us, He wants to walk together with us!!

God really loves you!! He wants you to live with Him in the final destination that He has prepared for us called Heaven. Many say that they “believe in God.” But, what does that mean? Travelers know that standing on the ground and believing that an airplane can fly will never take them to their destination. It takes a commitment of their life to get on the plane and allow it to take them where they are going. That is true belief. We are to put our life into the hands of God who, not only knows the way, but is the Way. Pray right now and invite Him to lead you and direct you. Give Him control of your life. You can talk to Him in your own words, or you might pray a prayer like this…

“God, I want to know You. I want to follow You. I don’t know what life holds for me, but You do. I know that I have been separated from You because of my sins. I’m sorry; please forgive me. Jesus, I truly want to follow You. As best as I know how, I commit all of my life to You. Please give me a new heart. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit. Show me Your way. Help me to love everyone. Help me to forgive everybody. Please guide me and direct me. Lead me in Your way. Help me to understand my purpose. Make my home in heaven. I won’t be ashamed of Jesus. Thank you for Your love. Thank you for taking my place on the cross. In the name of Jesus, I pray.”

Now just talk to Jesus in your own words. Not only does He want to guide you, He wants to be your friend forever. He wants to walk with you!! If you’ve chosen to follow Jesus, or if you need the words of Jesus in the New Testament or a Bible, you can contact me at this address – it’s free! We’re not a organization that you can join; you’ve joined God! He’s enough! I hope that whether you have found out what time it is in Kiribati, the conversion rate in Bolivia, or the visa entry requirements into Burkina Faso that your visit to this page helped make your journey a little easier. Most importantly, I pray that you have committed your life to follow Jesus and allow Him to guide you on your pilgrimage through life. I pray that you have truly come to know God’s love for you, His peace, and His forgiveness. God has a dream — “Peace on earth, goodwill toward all men”. Let’s work together and be a part of bringing it to pass. As we follow Him, let us care for and help others. Let’s all live together in the love, kindness, peace, and the beauty of Jesus.

Please let us know if you prayed this prayer by clicking here. We would love to know of your commitment so that we can pray for you and celebrate with you!

God Bless You!!
The Wheelers
Philippians 3:10