get involved

God has a dream – to let this world know of His love. That plan involves you and me! Sometimes, the needs can be a bit overwhelming. The problems of this world seem to be so complex that they confound the wisest of world leaders. Yet, the answers are so simple and childlike. God wants us to start right where we are. This is the answer to the problems of our world. Love. Giving. Forgiveness. As we look around we can see that there are many ways to help others. Just a simple smile or an encouraging word can help someone have a better day! We can tell someone that God loves them. We can let others know that we appreciate them for who they are or what they do. Those words of encouragement or appreciation can be a valuable gift. We might be surprised at the difference we can make.

God wants to use each one of us to change this world. He wants us to cry with, smile at, and reach out to our neighbors and the precious people of this world. The way we treat the unkind, the homeless, the stranger, the sick, the prisoner is the way we treat Jesus. Let’s all seek to hear the voice of the Good Shepherd and follow Him as He leads us where He will. Love can change the world!

Some have asked how they can be involved in going with us to the nations with the cross and the simple message of God’s love. Many go with us through prayer. Others, give financially. It has not just been Keith carrying a cross. It has been those who have prayed and given so sacrificially. It is truly a blessing to be able to say that some ‘friends of Jesus’ support us and send us out to the world. When God called me to the mission of taking the cross to the nations of the world I felt His instruction was to “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness …” (Matthew 6:33). I felt that He said that if I pursued His Kingdom, His righteousness, and His purposes that He would meet all the necessary needs. I have been amazed at God’s grace and mercy as He has provided for and watched over me as I have gone with the cross, and the message of God’s love into the world. I can truly say Jesus has done it all!!

I want you to know that I truly praise God for your service with us … as do so many along the roadsides of this world. God bless you! Thank you! It is amazing how God has spoken to your heart! You have awakened in the middle of the night to pray. You have given at just the right time. Your prayers, encouraging notes and letters, phone calls, and giving have put you right in the middle of the nations! You are such an important part of what God is doing through the witness of the cross. Thank you for caring and going with the cross and God’s love to the nations!!