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I pray that you are having a wonderful New Year!!  May this year be full of the beauty and glory of the presence of Jesus and His amazing love, peace and overflowing with joy!  I wrote this a little while ago. I thought it might be appropriate to post it at this “time” of year …

We are told that time is a commodity, “Time is money” — We can spend time, waste time, budget time, invest time, save time, or squander time. We can even run out of time! But we can’t put time in our pockets, take back time spent or given, or store time in a bank.

Even though we have more time-saving devices to help us gain time, somehow we have lost time and now have even less time or live life at a speed that is double-time! We take time management courses (even though they are time-consuming!) so we can learn to budget our time in order to have quality time.

We use DayTimers to help us redeem the time so that we can be on time, but almost always find that we are, somehow, out of time. While we are on the job, it seems that we are often marking time, or killing time, all the while finishing our work all in due time, and most usually only in the nick of time!

We have pastimes to pass the time. And from time to time, when we find that we have time on our hands, or time off, it always seems that we waste our time, or that time flies when we’re having fun. 

We have had people who have had too much time; these are the ones that sometimes end up doing time!

I think that it’s high time that we realize that there is no time like the present to take the time-honored approach of taking our time so that we stop living on borrowed time and, instead, have the time of our life!

Finally, the Bible tells us that Jesus came “in the fullness of time”, and will return in the “end times” and then, at that time there will be no more time!!!

So what time is it?

And what do we do with this thing called time?

The Bible has a very simple answer. 2 Corinthians 6:2 “I tell you, NOW is the time of God’s favor, NOW is the day of salvation.”

What time is it? It is right now. The importance of each day is the day itself

What time is it? Not 2012. Not 2013. The time is always NOW!! NOW is all we ever have! Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Now is the time!

What time is it? NOW is the time to love, bless, share, witness, & care! NOW is the time to love and follow Jesus, and love those He loves!!

Copyright © Keith Wheeler 2012